Continuity of Operations - Notice To Our Valued Partners...

Please Note: This notice will be updated as additional information and resources are made available through the Ministry of Health, Public Health Agency of Canada, and regional public health officials so as to reduce any potential risk to an individual, the organization, and general public.

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Ontario New England Express Inc. DBA ONE For Freight is vitally interested in protecting the health and safety of its team members and the external world. As we continue to navigate in the COVID-19 pandemic, we will make every effort to provide a healthy and safe work environment and will adopt and enforce the necessary public health measures to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the community. All ONE For Freight team members are dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing risk of illness and are taking all necessary precautions to minimize the spreading of the virus while still servicing our valued Clients and partners.

Effective as of Monday March 16th, 2020 ONE For Freight will be restricting certain business activities until further notice. The following measures have been implemented in order to safeguard the health and safety of all team members and the general public and to restrict the flow of traffic in the facility to reduce the chance of transmission of COVID-19:

All travel not related to the operation of our fleet has been suspended until further notice
Accessibility to the Milton Facility has been limited and the following measures have been implemented to reduce spread of illness internally and externally:

  • Modified internal staffing requirements and schedules.
  • Remote connectivity functionality to more than 90% of internal team members
  • Increased sanitation of facilities and access to cleaning products, sanitizer, and wipes
  • E-conferencing & phone forwarding solutions to ensure continuity of communication between team members and clients
  • Outside Carriers will be permitted access to a designated area in the warehouse to complete paperwork and observe loading/offloading activities upon completion and review of the ONE For Freight COVID-19 Disclosure
  • In the event a vendor or member of the general public requires access to the internal office area for extenuating circumstances, prior to being granted access, a full risk assessment will be completed by the Joint Health & Safety Committee in order to determine the appropriate safety measures required for access
  • Professional Drivers are being updated regularly with the latest information as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic and are practicing physical distancing while on the road.
    It is mandatory for any employee or independent contractor of ONE For Freight who has experienced symptoms, has been tested for COVID-19, been exposed to an individual positive for COVID-19, and/or travelled on an airplane to complete a 14-day isolation period.

    Please note that as of Monday March 16th, 2020 Canada has placed travel restrictions on non-permanent residents coming into Canada and has imposed additional measures to ensure travelers returning to Canada are not symptomatic or positive for COVID-19, including the requirement to self-isolate upon returning Canada. Currently, these restrictions do not apply to cross-border commerce or trade, and our fleet continues to operate at full capacity with minimal delays.

    As of the date of this notice, tractor-trailer commercial drivers are exempt from the self-isolation requirements upon returning to Canada as they are considered personnel of an ‘essential service.’ During this time of uncertainty, ONE For Freight will continue to monitor defined geographical ‘hot spots’ and will adhere to the latest advisements from our municipal, provincial and federal governments, its agencies, and all regulatory bodies for the North American Transportation Industry. Please note that while these restrictions will remain in effect until further notice, our proactive approach ensures that we are fully equipped to maintain operations with minimal disruption even in the event of a complete facility closure.

    Moreover, ONE For Freight is acutely aware of the Hours of Service exemptions that have been put into effect in the USA and Canada. As of March 26th, 2020, ONE For Freight will not be applying for these exemptions and we will continue to operate under the regular Hours of Service Regulations in both the USA and Canada.

    Any questions, concerns, or commentary relating to the content of this statement can be directed to your assigned Account Manager or any member of our leadership team via the avenues listed below.

    With kind regards,

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