Our Story

We aren’t your typical traditional transportation provider.

With years of experience in traditional transportation, Founder and CEO David Carruth saw the need for disruption. Three years after selling his business, which specialized in the home delivery market, his entrepreneurial spirit re-emerged. So David, alongside his partners, were driven to challenge the traditional borders of the transportation industry – and that’s exactly what they are doing.

We don’t just do things differently. We do things more effectively.

By putting our clients at the centre of our business to strategically create, execute and optimize solutions based around their needs – not our own – we have created a transportation model unlike our competitors'.


Our core values were developed through an interactive workshop during our Annual General Meeting in 2014 with the involvement of over 60 of our team members. These values form the basis for how we define who we are, how we govern our relationships and articulate what we stand for. They embody the commitment of our team members to be the best they can be, both personally and professionally, all of the time.

At ONE For Freight, we are committed to:


We put the safety and well-being of all our team members and the external world first all of the time.


We understand, develop and tailor compensation to fit each team member’s individual needs.


We consistently provide, maintain and utilize the equipment and tools necessary to complete the job effectively.


We are responsible for our environment and we will never allow complacency to affect our quality of service.


We are honest, respectful, responsible and accountable for our actions all of the time.


We continually enhance our policies and processes to provide each team member with the knowledge and awareness to be successful.


We consistently develop and maintain accurate and complete information in order to connect all facets of our business.


We communicate accurate, relevant information at the right time, to the right person using the right tools all of the time.

Investing in our communities

We're committed to working with local organizations to improve the health and well-being of the communities where we live and work.

We are a proud supporter of Trucks for Change, a network of leading trucking companies and industry suppliers dedicated to distributing donated food and materials across Canada; the improvement of the Milton District Hospital; and the Mark Preece Family house for families of critical care patients in Hamilton-area hospitals.

Who we were has made us who we are today.

Once known as Ontario New England Express, a regional trucking company providing LTL service between Ontario and New England, utilizing our core ideology of ‘Adding Gray Matter To What Matters’, ONE For Freight now provides innovative transportation solutions that commingle the needs of our clients with multiple conveyance options across North America. As we evolved our model and our reach, we added key members to our leadership team and redefined all roles within the company to support our vision of taking ONE For Freight and the industry beyond traditional transportation.

Proud of our past. Excited for the future.

We’ve seen incredible growth over the past 12 years – and we’re not done yet. Get in touch with us to be part of the excitement that’s always growing at ONE For Freight.

ONE For Freight does things differently. And more effectively.